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Media Corner


18 October 2011
F4E organised an Information Day in to present the business opportunities in relation to Control, Data Access and Communication (CODAC).
30 September 2011
F4E hosted the second Intellectual Property (IP) Associations Network meeting in Barcelona on 23 September.
14 September 2011
An Information Day focusing on the technical aspects of the Toroidal Field (TF) coil radial plates was organised by F4E.
20 July 2011
40 companies attended F4E’s Information Day on business opportunities in project management activities for the F4E Project Office.
22 June 2011
A delegation of European Parliament travelled to Cadarache to visit the ITER site and learn more about the progress of the project
22 June 2011
F4E informs Danish industry of upcoming calls for tender at the Big Science Industry event
22 June 2011
Italian industry specialised in the engineering and nuclear area, learnt about business opportunities that exist in collaboration with F4E.
22 June 2011
The Blanket Integrated Project Team (IPT) quarterly meeting, hosted by F4E, focused on the design and activities of the Blanket project.
27 May 2011
Two Information Meetings in the area of Diagnostics will be organised on the 2 and 8 of June.
19 May 2011
On 17 May, F4E hosted an Information Day to present opportunities in engineering activities for the Test Blanket Modules Systems for ITER.