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Media Corner


21 July 2015
Representatives from industry explore the business potential of big energy projects like ITER.
13 July 2015
Companies and fusion laboratories join forces and share know-how.
11 June 2015
A first-of-its-kind European superconducting magnet will be produced for the EU 1MW gyrotron prototype.
13 May 2015
The information session was about an upcoming contract for the first-stage design of the Core Plasma Thomson Scattering (CPTS) diagnostic.
11 May 2015
Sweden’s innovators show interest in ITER.
24 April 2015
The many acheivements were celebrated at the JT-60SA project site in Naka, Japan.
08 April 2015
800 participants join forces to build ITER and identify future collaborators.
02 April 2015
Europe aspires to become the most competitive, sustainable and eco-friendly economy.
19 January 2015
F4E presents the business and technical requirements to potential bidders.
11 January 2015
How can industry and SMEs contribute to ITER?