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Media Corner


08 August 2012
Read the fifth Annual Report reporting on the progress of Europe’s contribution to ITER.
24 July 2012
See how the works on the ITER site are progressing.
06 July 2012
The most complex machinery for the production of the superconductors, the winding line and the oven, is now completed.
28 June 2012
The 760 metre long copper conductor is delivered and the first production TF conductor length is completed.
27 June 2012
The recruitment procedure for F4E’s Director position has been launched.
26 June 2012
A significant milestone for F4E’s TBM Project Team: two contracts for the Test Blanket Module EUROFER subcomponents fabrication are signed.
22 June 2012
F4E and ITER IO have concluded the Procurement Arrangement for the Divertor Cassette Body and Integration.
19 June 2012
F4E’s new Industry Portal is launched. It has undergone a complete refurbishment so that users can share their information more efficiently.
15 June 2012
More progress through engineering studies and assessments for the joining of ITER components.
29 May 2012
F4E offers a comprehensive account on the latest achievements.