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F4ENews - February 2011

F4E ready to sign over 300 million EUR in 2011

The Governing Board of F4E has adopted the 2011 work programme and budget which provide over 300 million EUR to European industries and research organisations to contribute towards the realisation of ITER.


Foundation stone for Europe-financed ITER Headquarters unveiled

The foundation stone for the ITER Headquarters was unveiled in Cadarache, France, on 17 November.


2009 F4E Annual Report published

The publication of the 2009 F4E Annual Report offers a comprehensive account of the different achievements regarding the evolution of our organisation and its duty managing Europe's contribution to ITER.


First F4E diagnostic prototype produced

Manufacturing of a prototype for the first diagnostic component to be supplied by F4E to ITER, the Continuous External Rogowski (CER) coils, was completed in December 2010.


F4E signs contracts for supply and manufacture of ITER and JT-60SA superconductors

F4E has awarded a contract for cabling and jacketing of approximately 20 km of ITER Toroidal Field (TF) conductors and in the region of 28 km of JT-60SA TF conductors, plus the jacketing of around 22 km of Poloidal Field (PF) conductors.


New civil engineering tenders

2011 kicks off with two new tenders to provide the civil engineering and finishing works for the tokamak complex and the cargo lift and tokamak assembly hall cranes.


We have the go-ahead to start building the Neutral Beam Test Facility

At the beginning of November, F4E Director Frank Briscoe and ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima signed the Procurement Arrangement (PA) for the European share of the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF) being built in Padua, Italy.


See the progress of the ITER site

With more than 160 engineers together with 140 workers on the ground and counting more than six months of blasting and drilling, construction on the ITER site has taken off! See the progress of the ITER site.


Industrial Seminar for Catalan industry

Attendance was high at the F4E-bFUS Industrial Seminar event which took place on 3 February in Barcelona....


F4E showcases ITER at the European Parliament

"The way ahead" was the slogan of the EU Agencies exhibition hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels between 31 January and 3 February. F4E was there to communicate the merits of fusion energy, presenting an update on Europe's contribution to ITER.


F4E at the first Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days

F4E representatives attended the Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days event, held on 23-25 November.


F4E 2nd information meeting: Buildings for ITER

F4E hosted an information meeting regarding the procurement packages for the construction of the ITER buildings on 22 November in Cadarache, France.


F4E organises Neutral Beam Test Facility Information Day in Padua, Italy

F4E has organised a Neutral Beam Test Facility Information Day on 18 November 2010 at the RFX Laboratory in Padua, Italy.


Danish interest in F4E remote handling packages is high

F4E representatives had the chance to meet Danish robotics companies at a highly-specialised workshop organised by Big Science Secretariat-Denmark (BSS) at the beginning of this year.


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