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Media Corner
06 February 2019
Jean Arthuis expresses his admiration for the project
22 January 2019
EU funding for ITER has generated growth and created new jobs
16 January 2019
As a step in maintaining and deepening working relationships with our Japanese colleagues, F4E Director Johannes Schwemmer visited Japan.
17 December 2018
ITER, CERN and ESS business opportunities get the attention of a vibrant high-tech community.
10 December 2018
Europe unveils electronics and cameras that could do the job.
30 November 2018
F4E Director presents “Fusion: Abundant, Safe and Sustainable Energy for the future” in key publication
11 October 2018
Meeting underlines importance of audit work in complex scientific environments
09 October 2018
F4E’s Director participated in the exchange of expertise concerning research and the management of large infrastructures.
08 October 2018
Gathering 25 participants from 15 different countries, the purpose of the meeting was to exchange knowledge and give an overview of energy-related topics.
02 October 2018
F4E welcomed the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, to its Barcelona headquarters.
02 October 2018
Czech MEP returns for a visit to the ITER site 3 years later
25 September 2018
F4E's Director opened the plenary session with a dynamic presentation of the status of Europe's contribution to ITER.
20 September 2018
Exhibition brings together more than 30,000 participants
03 July 2018
F4E participates at this leading global event for the first time
27 June 2018
F4E and ASG Superconductors unveil the manufacturing steps of the most complex superconducting magnets.
22 June 2018
Conference highlights fusion contribution to the future “energy transition”
11 June 2018
The panel session highlights the future potential of fusion to “Lead the clean energy transition”
07 June 2018
The first edition of the Conference puts the focus on Energy Transition
29 May 2018
The event was organised in order to promote Systems Engineering among practitioners and other interested participants.
08 May 2018
The event comprises talks about Systems Engineering and the opportunity to take the ASEP/CSEP INCOSE certification exam.
07 May 2018
European companies learnt more about the recently launched Call for tender for the provision of manufacturing engineering support for the Diagnostics systems.
20 April 2018
Catalan Association of Industrial Engineers holds an ITER day
06 March 2018
1000 participants from 30 countries gather in Copenhagen from 26-28 February 2018
09 February 2018
Jorge Toledo praises F4E as a “centre of global excellence”
17 January 2018
Join F4E at Europe’s new one-stop-shop on the Big Science market
18 December 2017
F4E, CERN, ESO and ESS unveil an array of business opportunities.
04 December 2017
An emotional night counting our achievements and highlighting how what we do can change the world.
15 November 2017
How will the two parties help their industries work closer together?
06 November 2017
Egis, Assystem, Atkins, and Empresarios Agrupados are praised for their innovative work by the French Federation of Engineering Firms.
27 October 2017
F4E is participating alongside the best European scientific organisations
25 September 2017
High-level visit from ITER China and the Ministry of Science and Technology further strengthen European and Chinese collaboration on fusion.
27 July 2017
Ties between Europe and China are getting stronger.
14 July 2017
Indrek Tarand, Vice-Chair of the Budgetary Control Committee witnesses first-hand the progress on the worksite
03 July 2017
Visit provides an opportunity to witness progress on “port plugs” and neutral beam development
23 June 2017
The policy seminar highlights the future potential of fusion to provide “Clean Energy for All Europeans”
19 June 2017
EU Vice-President Šefčovič’s, and Russia’s comments mention fusion as the carbon-free long-term option to fill the base-load energy gap.
16 June 2017
The theme of the 2017 world EXPO is "Future Energy"– a topic that resonates directly with the ITER project and the work of F4E.
13 June 2017
The forum offers a unique opportunity to European companies to discover the business potential offered by Europe’s Big Science Facilities.
30 May 2017
Behind the scenes of the event which brought together people from industry, science and politics to see the impressive ITER magnet.
18 May 2017
Fusion energy makes its debut on the European sustainable energy stage
08 May 2017
King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain learned about the progress of the projects and the fruitful collaboration between Europe and Japan.
19 April 2017
In sharing know-how on technology and fabrication of the ITER Vacuum Vessel, all partners show their dedication to ensuring its delivery.
18 April 2017
1000 participants from more than 400 companies meet to seal deals and network.
09 January 2017
Wrocław Technology Park hosts business Info Day
02 December 2016
Experts from all over the world meet to exchange know-how and discuss future challenges.
31 October 2016
A delegation of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) meets with senior ITER managers and is impressed with the construction
26 October 2016
F4E’s Director experienced the work being done on the ground and met with important partners and suppliers.
20 October 2016
The visit also enabled the Director to personally assess the progress of the Vacuum Vessel sectors being developed by Korean industry.
20 October 2016
A visit to some of the main fusion facilities offers insight to the impressive know-how of Europe’s fusion community and its contribution to
25 September 2016
A meeting was held in order to exchange information on the design and procurement activities of the ITER Blanket project.
23 September 2016
F4E hosts first technical information session.
22 July 2016
How to address the challenges of complex international projects?
20 July 2016
How major international collaborations can change the technology and business landscapes.
06 May 2016
How closer collaboration and integration helped us come a long way.
29 April 2016
Policy-makers and scientists witness important progress of the IFMIF/EVEDA project.
28 April 2016
Companies specialised in industrial manufacturing, engineering and instrumentation express a vivid interest to collaborate.
24 February 2016
Industry, fusion laboratories and policy-makers meet at MIIFED-IBF 2016.
17 February 2016
Invitation from Fusion for Energy provides the opportunity for a visit of the construction site
09 February 2016
The F4E procurement strategy is unveiled.
13 January 2016
Find out how you can contribute to ITER.
03 December 2015
How can companies, laboratories and SMEs contribute to the biggest energy project?
05 October 2015
Potential bidders visit the premises of the facility to grasp the technical challenge
05 October 2015
Attendees came from European Fusion Laboratories and industry, as well as scientific organisations such as CERN.
01 October 2015
Technology students debate tomorrow’s energy mix
31 July 2015
The objective of the workshop was to discuss the progress being made on the development and integration of the EU ITER Diagnostic Systems.
24 July 2015
Attendees gathered together to share information and discuss the status of the divertor procurement, on-going R&D and future plans.
21 July 2015
Representatives from industry explore the business potential of big energy projects like ITER.
13 July 2015
Companies and fusion laboratories join forces and share know-how.
11 June 2015
A first-of-its-kind European superconducting magnet will be produced for the EU 1MW gyrotron prototype.
13 May 2015
The information session was about an upcoming contract for the first-stage design of the Core Plasma Thomson Scattering (CPTS) diagnostic.
11 May 2015
Sweden’s innovators show interest in ITER.
24 April 2015
The many acheivements were celebrated at the JT-60SA project site in Naka, Japan.
08 April 2015
800 participants join forces to build ITER and identify future collaborators.
02 April 2015
Europe aspires to become the most competitive, sustainable and eco-friendly economy.
19 January 2015
F4E presents the business and technical requirements to potential bidders.
11 January 2015
How can industry and SMEs contribute to ITER?
16 December 2014
The future of Europe’s competitiveness lies in big science projects.
11 December 2014
Due to new priorities and concerted actions to tackle the ITER schedule, it has been decided that the event will no longer be taking place.
27 October 2014
Representatives of industry and fusion laboratories explore common strategy.
13 October 2014
Ready to tackle ITER, eager to tussle with its intricacies and enthusiastic about DEMO.
08 October 2014
ITER offers valuable business opportunities for Danish and other European SMEs, said Henrik Bindslev during the meeting.
26 September 2014
The biggest business meeting point for industry, SMEs and European fusion laboratories is coming to Barcelona, 10-12 June 2015.
15 July 2014
José Manuel Durão Barroso offers his full support to the biggest international energy collaboration.
10 July 2014
F4E is strengthening ties with European Fusion Laboratories who possess much of the expertise needed to build some of the ITER systems.
06 June 2014
To best way to understand Europe’s contribution to ITER is to visit the companies producing the different components.
02 June 2014
Journalists from all over the world learn about the progress, growth and jobs generated by the biggest international project in energy.
29 May 2014
Representatives from ITER IO and relevant Domestic Agencies gathered to work on the design and activities of the blanket project.
31 March 2014
Discover new business opportunities and form partnerships in Seoul, 1-4 July 2014.
13 February 2014
More than 100 specialists between 29-30 January, from F4E and ITER International Organization, met to discuss nuclear safety regulation.
11 February 2014
Information Days were organised in Zagreb and Valletta in order to present the ITER project and F4E as an organisation.
07 February 2014
The European Commission has launched a prize to reward excellent researchers and industries involved in fusion.
05 February 2014
Can you imagine building a section of the ITER Tokamak with Lego?
26 January 2014
Small and big companies put together their resources, expertise and skills to build ITER.
13 January 2014
Monaco International Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED) gain momentum and gather 350 guests from policy, industry and research.
12 December 2013
Broader Approach supercomputer approaches Europe's ICT community.
05 November 2013
The meeting was held to assess the final design of the ITER continuous external Rogowski coils.
28 October 2013
The meeting is a step forward in the procurement of cabling for the diagnostic system inside the ITER vacuum vessel.
25 October 2013
The design, manufacturing and installation of the High Voltage Deck and Transmission Line – vital SPIDER components – was discussed
14 October 2013
F4E taskforce communicates on the progress of ITER and unveils new industrial policy.
03 October 2013
Fusion energy captivates crowds from all over Europe.
25 September 2013
Fusion energy dazzles crowds on the night of UK’s finest engineering event.
20 September 2013
The initiative of Günther H. Oettinger, EU Energy Commissioner, to call a ministerial level meeting in Cadarache paid off.
09 August 2013
Join F4E at the 11th ISFNT between 16-20 September 2013
31 July 2013
The 8th annual ITER Neutronics meeting was hosted by F4E in Barcelona in July.
14 May 2013
The kick off meeting of the civil engineering contract and finishing works of the Tokamak complex was held in April at F4E, Barcelona.
10 April 2013
F4E and Poland’s ILO highlight ITER business opportunities and economic benefits.
27 March 2013
750 participants from at least 350 companies based in 26 countries. 48 hours full of thematic sessions, networking and business meetings.
22 March 2013
A special ITER Management Advisory Committee (MAC) meeting was held in Barcelona on 18-19 March.
27 February 2013
Network and do business at the ITER Business Forum in Toulon between 21-22 March.
26 February 2013
On 5 February, F4E’s Remote Handling Project Team organised a one-day event to present the key aspects of the tendering process.
06 February 2013
At a careers fair in Berlin, F4E highlighted working in a multicultural, polyglot environment as a professional option worth considering.
27 January 2013
F4E Director Bindslev attends the signing ceremony of the FPA for the design of the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry components in Lisbon.
17 December 2012
F4E’s technical expert Jesus Izquierdo talked to Catalonian youth about F4E and what it could be like to work as a scientist or engineer.
13 December 2012
The test facility of the ITER Neutral Beam ion source, ELISE (Extraction from a Large Ion Source Experiment), has been inaugurated.
12 December 2012
The Blanket Integrated Project Team (IPT) quarterly meeting enabled work to advance successfully on the ITER Blanket project.
04 December 2012
Belgium’s voluntary contribution to the Broader Approach is delivered to the Toroidal Field coil test facility of CEA in Saclay.
13 November 2012
F4E tells UK companies about the procurement process and procurement opportunities that are arising from the construction of ITER.
12 November 2012
An information day held in Barcelona on 15 October, gave insight on the technical, legal and procurement aspects of this task.
23 October 2012
A significant number of key Czech industry players as well as representatives from associations and research centres attended the event.
28 September 2012
F4E communicates the latest on components, procurement and business opportunities.
29 August 2012
The high interest for fusion and the ITER project is clear during F4E’s participation at the technology festival.
14 August 2012
F4E’s Information Day about the Toroidal Field coils insertion procurement brought together representatives from 20 European companies.
09 August 2012
A total of 53 European companies learnt more about the upcoming Project Management Framework Call for Tender to be launched in October.
08 August 2012
F4E joins scientists, business leaders and science communicators in Dublin to present the ITER project at Europe’s largest science meeting.
27 June 2012
Frank Briscoe discusses with Professor Anne Glover the progress of the ITER project.
20 June 2012
F4E and JADA held a bilateral meeting in mid-June during which current work and future collaboration projects were discussed.
13 June 2012
Don’t forget to register for F4E’s Information Day on the upcoming Project Office Support Framework Contract which takes place on 12 July.
13 June 2012
A new sun has risen over Japan bringing new hope to fusion energy research.
16 May 2012
F4E collaborates with Catalan authorities to highlight the merits of a scientific career and bridge the gender gap.
02 March 2012
Fusion expertise gathered at the launch of the PRIMA project launched at the Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua, Italy
02 February 2012
We met with him to obtain a rare personal interview on the highlights of his career and future plans.
15 November 2011
European industry is invited to participate in “ITER Business Forum 2011”, which will take place in Manosque, France, on 7-8 December 2011.
27 October 2011
Czech industry were eager to learn more about F4E, the procurement processes and upcoming calls for tender.
27 October 2011
F4E’s scientists Ferran Albajar and Jesus Izquierdo have held a talk about fusion and the ITER project.
20 October 2011
F4E organised a conference in Barcelona on 28 and 29 November.
19 October 2011
Students of the BRIO programme discover the merits of fusion energy.
18 October 2011
F4E organised an Information Day in to present the business opportunities in relation to Control, Data Access and Communication (CODAC).
30 September 2011
F4E hosted the second Intellectual Property (IP) Associations Network meeting in Barcelona on 23 September.
14 September 2011
An Information Day focusing on the technical aspects of the Toroidal Field (TF) coil radial plates was organised by F4E.
20 July 2011
40 companies attended F4E’s Information Day on business opportunities in project management activities for the F4E Project Office.
22 June 2011
A delegation of European Parliament travelled to Cadarache to visit the ITER site and learn more about the progress of the project
22 June 2011
F4E informs Danish industry of upcoming calls for tender at the Big Science Industry event
22 June 2011
Italian industry specialised in the engineering and nuclear area, learnt about business opportunities that exist in collaboration with F4E.
22 June 2011
The Blanket Integrated Project Team (IPT) quarterly meeting, hosted by F4E, focused on the design and activities of the Blanket project.
27 May 2011
Two Information Meetings in the area of Diagnostics will be organised on the 2 and 8 of June.
19 May 2011
On 17 May, F4E hosted an Information Day to present opportunities in engineering activities for the Test Blanket Modules Systems for ITER.
19 April 2011
F4E is organising an information meeting to present the forthcoming engineering support Call for tender of the European Test Blanket Modules
18 April 2011
F4E presents the technical requirements, procurement strategy, financial rules and scheduling for the Remote Handling Procurement Packages.
12 April 2011
F4E staff answered questions from Swiss companies on procurement procedures, upcoming calls for tender and technical details.
14 March 2011
An Information Day on the opportunities in fabrication development activities for the TBM for ITER was held on 9 March.
02 March 2011
An Information Day to present the Remote Handling Procurement Packages is being organised by F4E on 14 April in Barcelona.
22 February 2011
F4E representatives had the chance to meet Danish robotics companies at a highly-specialised workshop
13 February 2011
On 10 February, the F4E Audit Committee held its first meeting in Barcelona.
07 February 2011
Attendance was high at the F4E-bFUS Industrial Seminar event which took place on 3 February in Barcelona.
26 January 2011
“The way ahead” was the slogan of the EU Agencies exhibition hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels between 31 January and 3 February
09 December 2010
F4E has organised a Neutral Beam Test Facility Information Day on 18 November 2010 at the RFX Laboratory in Padua, Italy.
01 December 2010
F4E representatives attended the Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days event, held on 23-25 November.
23 November 2010
F4E hosted an information meeting regarding the procurement packages for the construction of the ITER buildings on 22 November in Cadarache, France.
02 November 2010
Porto played host to the 26th Symposium On Fusion Technology (SOFT), the event for the international fusion technology community
26 October 2010
Providing information and networking opportunities for British companies related to fusion, the “Business Opportunities for UK plc for...
18 October 2010
F4E will present the procurement packages for the construction of the ITER buildings at an information meeting on 22 November in Cadarache, France.
14 September 2010
What is the difference between KSTAR and the ITER machine? When can we start using fusion energy commercially? These are questions posed by.
31 July 2010
Harry Tuinder, ITER Legal Advisor, Bernard Bigot, High Representative for ITER in France, and ITER Director-General Kaname Ikeda look on...
08 February 2010
An information meeting is scheduled in order to inform qualified manufacturers implied in the ITER Vacuum Vessel manufacture, and stainless
27 May 2009
What are the F4E procurement rules? What will be the procurement process for ITER’s Heating and Current Drive Power Supplies? How does th...
04 March 2009
The first thematic meeting to present the seven procurement packages during 2009-2011 for the construction of the ITER buildings was held...
03 March 2009
The implementation of the ITER Agreement Intellectual Property Rights clauses was the topic of discussion during the first meeting of the...
27 October 2008
The ITER plant systems, including their control and instrumentation (C&I), will be delivered in-kind by the seven domestic agencies. To e...
13 October 2008
The 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC) will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from October 13 to 18, 2008. The conference is orga...
15 September 2008
The 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology will bring together more than 600 participants from research and industry to exchange information...
17 August 2008
The next biennial Applied Superconductivity Conference, ASC 2008, is to be held in Chicago, Illinois from Sunday through Friday, August ...
18 July 2008
'Science for a better life'. Between July 18-22, 2008, the Forum will bring together Europe's science community to discuss the social and...
14 February 2008
F4E's Executive Committee gathered in Garching, Germany on 14 February 2008. The agenda concerned the establishment of a framework and th...
18 December 2007
At its meeting on 18 December, the Governing Board of 'Fusion for Energy' has adopted: the Project Plan; the Resource Estimates Plan; the...
13 December 2007
The Committee discussed Fusion for Energy's Draft Project Plan 2008-2012, the Draft Resource Estimates Plan 2008-2012, the Draft Budget ...
30 November 2007
The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) held its first official meeting on 30 November to discuss the draft Work Programme for 2008.
21 November 2007
The main points on the agenda of this meeting were the discussions regarding the Project Plan 2008-2012, the Resources Estimates Plan ...
22 October 2007
On 22 October 2007, Fusion for Energy's Governing Board gathered for its 3rd official meeting. The successful exchanges ended up in the ...
17 October 2007
On 17-18 October 2007, Fusion for Energy's Executive Committee held its 2nd meeting in Barcelona. During that meeting, the organisation's...
28 June 2007
On the occasion of the inaugural meeting of the Joint Undertaking’s Governing Board on 28 June 2007, the European Commissioner for Scienc...