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Media Corner
28 April 2016

F4E presents upcoming ITER business opportunities to Czech industry

Anthony Courtial, F4E Market Intelligence, explaining the upcoming business opportunities to participants.

The ITER project offers a wide range of business opportunities to companies and research centres ready to be directly involved as main contractors or indirectly as subcontractors. In both cases Europe’s economic operators have a lot to gain. First, they get to sharpen their technical skills; they establish new business partnerships and tap into new markets that will generate more income for them. Second, they become familiar with the dynamics of an international project and develop a sense of the rigorous technical specifications and manufacturing challenges. But above all they grow and learn. For all of the above reasons Karel Cervenka, on behalf of the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, organised an information day on ITER business opportunities.

More than 30 representatives from at least 13 companies attended the event which offered a status report on the progress of the ITER project, a business forecast regarding contracts in the pipeline and a mapping of expertise and competences required. On behalf of F4E, Anthony Courtial and Michaela Trbolova, addressed all these topics in detail and elaborated on the rules of procurement and F4E’s industry and European fusion laboratories portal. As a result, more than 50% of the participants registered on the portal and are actively seeking ways to contribute to the ITER project. The companies and laboratories have a proven track record in the fields of cryogenics, instrumentation, assembly services and welding, engineering and R&D.

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