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Media Corner
09 February 2018

Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs visits Fusion for Energy


Jorge Toledo, Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs, visited Fusion for Energy (F4E) on 5 February 2018.

F4E Director Johannes Schwemmer welcomed Jorge Toledo and thanked him for the continuous support of the Kingdom of Spain to ITER and to F4E. He took the opportunity of the visit of the Secretary of State to underline the potential of fusion, as an abundant, safe and sustainable energy for the future. The F4E Director outlined the status of the EU contributions to the ITER project and provided details on the new ITER baseline, setting December 2025 as the date for first plasma.

Jorge Toledo showed great interest in the scientific and technological aspects of the ITER project and expressed his satisfaction for the important role that Spanish industry is playing in the construction of ITER and in the manufacturing of the different European ITER components. More than 60 Spanish companies are working for F4E as primary contractors, with a total cumulative value of contracts of more than 450 million Euro since 2007.

The Secretary of State underlined the continuous support of Spain to the ITER project, praised F4E as a “center of global excellence”, calling it a very good model of cooperation to be used in other projects which have industrial innovation at their core.