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A cut-away view of the ITER Tokamak. Image: US ITER
The Tokamak complex consists of the Diagnostics, Tokamak and Tritium buildings (left to right), © Engage
An aerial view of the ITER construction site in Cadarache, France, June 2010. In the foreground we see the (still empty) storm water basin and the four water control basins. © Agence ITER France
A cutaway view of the future ITER Tokamak. © ITER Organization
ITER site - graphic
ITER site - graphic with legends
ITER -Full scale divertor integration prototype
ITER- Cadarache-View from outside.jpg
ITER - View from the cooling towers (For copyright questions please contact CEA -
ITER - Toroidal field coils and vessel (Courtesy of EFDA)
ITER - Tokamak building inside (Courtesy of EFDA)
ITER - Tokamak building and assembly process
ITER - Poloidal field coils and vessel
ITER - Plasma with main port types
ITER - Graphical cut
Courtesy of EFDA
For copyright questions please contact CEA -


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