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Media Corner


08 October 2015
Testing on how to clean the mirrors and to determine the best mirror surface to use for the ITER environment is currently being carried out.
06 October 2015
This high precision milling machine is vital in the vacuum vessel manufacturing.
21 September 2015
Applications should be submitted by 31 October 2015.
16 September 2015
800 tonnes of steel rise from the ground and reach the sky as they climb 60 metres high.
31 August 2015
F4E and Ensa explain the importance of this symbolic milestone.
19 August 2015
MEP Martina Dlabajová was updated on the overall progress of the ITER project and in particular on Europe's contribution.
12 August 2015
The last round of consultation brings together 50 leading experts and paves the way to manufacturing.
10 August 2015
F4E has signed framework contracts for the manufacturing of divertor inner vertical target (IVT) prototypes.
05 August 2015
The final acceptance tests of the JT-60SA quench protection circuit (QPC) for the superconducting coils have been successfully completed.
03 August 2015
The first F4E component for the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF), the SPIDER High-Voltage Deck (HVD), has been delivered and accepted.