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Media Corner


19 May 2014
F4E is now one step closer to obtaining qualification from ITER IO for the manufacturing of the actual Blanket First Wall.
15 May 2014
F4E will work together with FZJ, KIT, the universities of technology in Budapest and Eindhoven, DIFFER and CCFE.
14 May 2014
The Framework Partnership Agreement concerns the development and design of the Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic system for ITER.
30 April 2014
The first-ever film clip about F4E’s collaboration with a European fusion association is available. The clip focuses on the ELISE project.
07 April 2014
The F4E summer studentship programme is the perfect opportunity to learn more about F4E, ITER and working in a European environment.
28 March 2014
63 short films bringing you the stories of the biggest international energy project-ITER.
17 March 2014
F4E and Ferrovial Agroman sign two contracts and accelerate the pace of construction.
10 March 2014
The company has made history being Switzerland’s first ever SME to contribute to ITER. An efficient power supply system is on the way.
24 February 2014
The first contractors have arrived! Get to see their facilities and the health and safety measures envisaged on site.
04 February 2014
Europe and Japan begin assembly of components and will start testing in 2017.