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Media Corner


21 January 2014
The year starts with the successful manufacturing of the cryopanels and thermal shields for the Pre-Production Cryopump (PPC).
13 January 2014
An interview with the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) about the politics of energy.
18 December 2013
The 2012 Annual Report reports on the progress of Europe’s contribution to ITER and the Broader Approach
13 December 2013
A new chapter begins on the ITER construction site.
13 December 2013
F4E welcomed Croatia as a new member during the Governing Board meeting.
10 December 2013
Watch the most significant moments of this year in one clip.
05 November 2013
See the ITER convoy making its way to Cadarache!
29 October 2013
Tokamak complex and surrounding buildings to be equipped with building services.
28 October 2013
The blanket for the hottest test bed on earth is being developed.
15 October 2013
This is the first of a number of work packages for F4E’s contribution of the PF coils 2-6.