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Media Corner


08 October 2013
We drove four nights to reach the site of the sun’s light.
04 October 2013
Contractors' area boasts 30 000 m2 of office space, restaurant and infirmary.
01 October 2013
New business-friendly initiatives unveil F4E’s industrial instinct.
30 September 2013
The business potential of the energy market is vast and the opportunity for growth is clear.
27 September 2013
A call for expression of interest is now open to draw up a reserve list of candidates for the appointment of ExCo members.
23 September 2013
If you want to build you have to dig and that’s what we decided to capture in this month’s clip: ITER’s critical network. Read more…
07 August 2013
For the first time ever, a Toroidal Field (TF) coil full-size super-conducting prototype of the double pancake (DP) is being manufactured.
19 July 2013
The cranes that will assemble the Tokamak machine will be able to lift the weight of 187 London double-decker buses
11 July 2013
A brand new F4E clip has just been released bringing you the latest from the ITER construction site.
11 July 2013
New initiatives by F4E were welcomed by its Governing Board during its 27th meeting on 26-27 June.