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Media Corner


05 December 2012
One of the largest industrial contracts has been signed between F4E and the Consortium of SIMIC and CNIM
29 November 2012
EADS CASA Espacio to manufacture nine Pre-Compression Rings to support the ITER machine’s magnet system.
21 November 2012
ITER International Organization to proceed with ITER’s nuclear installation.
13 November 2012
We report on the progress of the site adaptation works and the Assembly Hall of the Tokamak complex.
30 October 2012
First structural concrete poured on the Assembly Hall of the Tokamak complex
26 October 2012
Henrik Bindslev currently the Vice Dean for Research at Aarhus University, Faculty of Science and Technology is appointed Director of F4E.
05 October 2012
CODAC integration of the Poloidal Field coils building controller system goes through.
03 October 2012
The successful completion of this procedure, within the shortest time frame possible, allows on-site work to continue without interruption.
25 September 2012
F4E Administration and Finance Committee visits the ITER construction site
09 August 2012
By decision of the Governing Board, Hans Jahreiss will be appointed Acting Director effective as from 16 August 2012.