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Media Corner


22 February 2011
At the beginning of November 2010, F4E Director Frank Briscoe and ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima signed the Procurement Arrangement...
18 February 2011
In late 2010 F4E hosted an information meeting presenting the overall construction strategy and the procurement packages in...
28 January 2011
With 160 engineers and 140 workers on the ground, construction on the ITER site has taken off!
10 December 2010
The F4E Annual Report offers a comprehensive account of the different achievements during 2009.
03 December 2010
F4E's 2011 work programme and budget which provide over 300 million EUR to European industries and research organisations, have been adopted
18 November 2010
The foundation stone for the ITER Headquarters was unveiled in Cadarache, France, on 17 November.
11 November 2010
The latest issue of F4E News, our electronic quarterly newsletter, is now published.
03 November 2010
Activity is buzzing on the ITER site: Bulldozers, power shovels, and construction cranes are working full speed ahead.
02 November 2010
Although designs for ITER foresee using both Carbon Fibre Composite and Tungsten as armour materials for the ITER divertor targets, an F4E..
02 November 2010
In July, the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency and F4E signed the Procurement Arrangement for the Toroidal Field magnet for the JT-60SA project