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Media Corner


26 October 2010
Want to see how the ITER project is progressing? Curious to learn more about the fusion process? Individual and group tours of the ITER site
13 October 2010
F4E has signed a contract for the supply of seven sectors of the ITER vacuum vessel with the European consortium of AMW
10 September 2010
Working is really picking up – the first excavation works for the complex Tokamak building on the ITER site have now started. This is a
30 July 2010
It may be the same old url but the content and its look and feel are totally new...
21 July 2010
New vacancy notices for recruitment at Fusion for Energy have been published.
19 July 2010
A contract that will amount 156 million Euros for the supply of ten winding packs for the ITER Toroidal Field (TF) Coils with a European ...
31 May 2010
The keys for the Joint Worksite III (JWS 3) building were officially handed over by Agence ITER France (AIF) to the ITER Organization on ...
28 May 2010
The contract giving the go-ahead for the first steps in constructing the building which will host the ITER tokamak, the heart of the ...
29 April 2010
A Euratom Associations meeting was held at the F4E offices in Barcelona last week (29 April). An all-day event, the meeting consisted in ...
28 April 2010
Today, the Procurement Arrangement (PA) for the supply of the supercomputer and peripheral equipment for the IFERC Project (CSC Activity)...