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24 May 2019
F4E is working together with EFLs to test several TBM candidate technologies in order to demonstrate their performance and reliability.
23 May 2019
The clip explains F4E’s work together with eight European companies and ITER Organization in the manufacturing of this huge structure.
20 May 2019
The massive roof pillars of the Tokamak building are here.
13 May 2019
Delegates from Europe and Japan follow the action from the control room.
10 May 2019
JT-60SA's single heaviest component, the central solenoid, has been inserted into the heart of the machine today.
11 April 2019
F4E collaborates with Leading, TCCP, Tecnalia to test Cooling Blanket Manifold support structures.
08 April 2019
F4E and De Pretto Industrie deliver the MITICA beam source vessel.
03 April 2019
The first design of the feedthroughs which will work as the "gatekeeper" for the cables between the inside of ITER's Vacuum Vessel to the outside wall is now approved.
02 April 2019
F4E hands over to ITER Organization the buildings that will house the electrical equipment from China, Russia and Korea.
22 March 2019
F4E and CNIM deploy workforces, expertise and a lot of pultruded laminate.