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Media Corner
16 April 2009

Radial Plate Prototypes Information Meeting


Representatives from around 20 machining companies from around the world attended the information meeting for potential suppliers of prototypes for the radial plates for the ITER Toroidal Field coils which was held at the F4E offices. The meeting focussed on conveying the technical aspects and requirements of the project and presenting the administrative/contractual aspects of the tender.

The radial plate, a very complex 16 x 9 m D-shaped stainless steel plate with grooves on both sides to contain the conductor, represents one of the most critical and expensive components of the 10 Toroidal Field coils F4E has to procure. In total, 70 radial plates must be procured.

The large number of companies attending the meeting bodes well for a broad level of competition when the tender will be launched. This is the first step in a successful outcome in terms of procurement.