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Media Corner
22 June 2011

Check out the new F4E images and film clips from the ITER site!

The F4E YouTube channel going live

One of the communication priorities that we have set for this year is the regular production of audiovisual material reporting on the progress of the ITER project. The growing demand for footage from the site in Cadarache has led F4E to the decision to commission a series of film clips that will report on the works and offer facts and figures to communicate the magnitude of this international project. For those who have missed the start of the works back in August, we have released two clips offering a recap and we have added two more reporting on the latest developments. Future clips will feature interviews of F4E staff explaining the scientific and technical challenges of the ITER project along with contractors reporting on their direct involvement.

So far, nine brand new clips unveiling a fresh F4E style have been added to our multimedia section offering a monthly snapshot of the construction of the Poloidal Field coils building, the Tokamak complex and the ITER Headquarters. In parallel, our image gallery has also been rapidly growing offering users a visual narrative from 2010 and 2011 on how the site is being constructed.

Our commitment to make our clips readily available to users beyond our website has driven our decision to launch of the F4E YouTube channel which hosts all the clips that we produce and allows users to make comments and share the material. To watch the clips on F4E YouTube channel, please subscribe at