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Media Corner
20 January 2012

F4E and fusion become part of national curriculum

France et Europe, Géographie. Editions Magnard 2011

Just as French students are getting ready to return to school and face another year of different subjects ranging from mathematics to history, Les Editions Magnard have published a new edition for their Geography text book “France et Europe” aiming to raise awareness on the Europe’ s geopolitical goals and long term strategy by highlighting amongst other subjects, the ITER project.
The section reporting on the European Union starts by presenting a list of indicators about its economic competitiveness vis à vis other key players such as the US, China and Japan. Special reference is made to the EU’s leadership in development policy given the fact that it is the top contributor in this domain. Its institutional configuration is described together with the new positions created by the Lisbon Treaty.

And while the above subjects may seem fairly obvious and in line with previous publications, this year’s text book includes a new entry: fusion!

Europe’s contribution to ITER through F4E is highlighted by underlining its commitment to being a pioneer in fusion and striving to deliver a better energy mix. The role of F4E is briefly described and its brochure is included as part of the chapter’s illustrations.

The opportunity to reach out to so many young people through textbooks on the progress of the ITER experiment and its contribution towards the long term energy mix can help them evaluate options and develop opinions.

Only future will tell if tomorrow’s citizens will be fusion supporters.