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Media Corner
15 February 2012

The Poloidal Field coils building is ready!

Professor Osamu Motojima, DG of ITER International Organization and Frank Briscoe, F4E Director, inaugurate the PF coils building.

Ready, in line with specifications and delivered on time. The Poloidal Field (PF) coils building has proudly claimed the title of the first out of 39 buildings to be constructed on the ITER site. The building that we have followed from day one during the last two years, witnessing the erection of its foundations, the hours put in by its workforce and the arrival of its equipment, has been completed!

The contract for the construction of the PF coils building was awarded to Spie batignolles in collaboration with Omega Concept and SETEC for a total budget of 40 million EUR. Energhia, was entrusted with engineering supervision of the project. The design of the building started in January 2010 and the construction kicked off in July 2010 involving on average 100 workers.

The building covers an area of 12,000m² and measures 257 metres long, 49 metres wide and 18 metres high. It is supported by 62 columns of concrete and 34 steel roofing trusses. The floor slab is 40cm thick and designed to withstand 42 tonnes per m². It hosts two bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and 40 tonnes. In this building, the biggest Poloidal Field coils to be manufactured will be assembled and then travel a few metres on the ITER site until they reach the Tokamak building in order to be placed in the machine.

The handover ceremony in Cadarche, brought together F4E staff, main contractors and members of the ITER International Organization. It was an occasion of significant importance. According to Frank Briscoe, F4E Director, this was “a symbolic day for the ITER project and Europe’s commitment to deliver. Images of how this building would one day look like once completed, appeared in several presentations over the last couple of years. We are now proudly standing in the first ITER building.” Professor Osamu Motojima, ITER International Organization Director General, took the opportunity to thank Europe for its efforts to deliver on time and acknowledged the fact that this milestone was a stepping stone in order to bring the energy of the sun closer to earth.

Representatives of the F4E and ITER IO teams involved in the construction of the PF Coils building with the main contractors.

PF Coils building, January 2012