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Media Corner
28 March 2014

F4E YouTube exceeds 100,000 viewings

F4E YouTube exceeds 100,000 viewings

Four years ago, F4E took the decision to broadcast on YouTube by creating its own channel.
We knew that not everyone interested in ITER would be able to visit the construction site and the facilities manufacturing the components of the machine. We also knew that not everyone working for ITER knew the different angles of the project, because one of its communication strengths is the plethora of stories. We were therefore left with no other choice but to bring this one-of-a-kind collaboration closer to the different audiences through short films.

We have been exploring a variety of themes in order to engage with our viewers on different levels: technical, reporting on the progress of construction and manufacturing; educational, explaining what fusion is and how ITER will work and last but not least entrepreneurial, teasing out the success stories of the companies and research facilities that contribute to the project.

Our interviews have become more personal because we wanted to learn more about the people involved in the different activities. We have tried to improve the quality of the footage and give our viewers an overview of the scale of works. We have followed the construction step by step, filmed in networks below the ground and flew above to give you a panoramic view of the site. We have visited facilities where components are being assembled and spoken to engineers about the technological challenges.

We would like to thank all contributors who made this audiovisual adventure possible and look forward to the future clips. Stay tuned for the new content that will be released in the next weeks. We will be reporting on the main construction milestones for this year and the contribution of the first research facility that we paid a visit.

If there is a theme that you would like us to explore send us an email to